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Since we havent quite managed to teach our dogs to talk just yet, please see what their owners have to say about the services below:

I reached out to Sensible Dogs with regards to my Max (GSD) to gain recall, lead walking and dog reactivity. A little bit about my Max – Max is a friendly loving (Big) boy, that can be in trouble when he thinks every dog/human is pleased to greet him. And can lead to some difficult encounters. After contacting Lynsey on a very informative website and completing a very detailed and, with afterthought a very important questioner about my requirements, experience with the breed and, expectations. I decided to enrol on a package of 1 to 1 training at my home location. I had fantastic sessions that built both mine and, Max’s confidence and relationship. I can't thank Lynsey enough for her patience, professionalism and understanding of my boy. Being responsible for a breed with a chequered history I needed help and I now can move forward with the knowledge and confidence to be in public with my Max after Lynsey’s intervention. I know I have a great dog, but after Lynsey’s training it made life so much better for him and others around him.

Not to patronise her. This Lady knows her job to the pinnacle of perfection. Patience and persistence to the highest degree. I cannot recommend her high enough. Life with Max is so much more pleasurable after Lynsey touch, and I wish her health wealth and happiness. A true professional.

Dave 2022

Highly Reccomend Lynsey! Myself and my partner found her session very friendly and we went home with a lot more knowledge than what we came with! We are progressing more and more everyday with Pippa and cant thank Lynsey and of course all of her little helpers enough !

Codie Anne Costello



What can I say. Lynsey is just AMAZING!

We took our 1 year old Labrador to see her about his recall problem and after just 2 hours, we already feel more confident with him. Lynsey not only helped Henry, but trained us in what he is thinking and how we can help him. We can't thank you enough Lynsey and we'll definitely be recommending your 5* service!

Kate Carew

August 2020


We had a brilliant session with Lynsey and her dogs helping our 3 year old Lab learn to socialise happily after showing aggression to some dogs in the past. It has really helped to restore our confidence in him and feel more relaxed about meeting other dogs on walks, and allowing him to meet and greet again. Lynsey was very insightful and genuinely loves dogs, hoping to be back for another session soon! Would highly recommend.


Frances Madell

November 2019

Training with Lynsey has not only supported me to train my dog, she has also transformed the way I understand the relationship between dogs and humans. She is gentle and insightful, and is attuned to the unique needs of each dog.  Lynsey sees the potential in dogs and owners and seems to have an incredibly deep understanding the experiences and social needs of the dogs she works with- both individually and in group training. I would not hesitate to recommend Lynsey. I think she is a brilliant trainer and wonderful human all around!

Amander Young 



Totally recommend these guys, very quickly showed me how to read my dogs and pick up on the signs to avoid the reactive behaviour on leads.

Hannah Sabel

Sept 2020

Jack Tottie

Lynsey has such amazing skills. My beautiful Romanian shepherd has come on leaps and bounds since  the 1-2-1 and recall training. I now feel confident to allow him off the lead, boosted my belief in myself too.. thank you so very much.

Deborah Ryall

May 2019 

Highly recommend Lynsey!! We adopted a 2 year old sprocker who had no manners or recall. He now has perfect recall & has come so far with the rest of his training! She leaves tips on how to do things aswell & is always happy to help if needed! She has such a calm demeanour & Oz gets on so well with her, as do other dogs! xx

Amy Tipper



We had a training session for our 5 year old frenchie cross american with lynsey today, we have learnt so much in such a short space but already we feel more confident with walks and training. A very friendly but honest session helping us find new ways to reward and train whilst still having fun. Thank you Lynsey for all of your help we very much appreciate all your hard work.

Sophie Holloway

August 2020

A massive thank you to you both for the brilliant puppy training course ,we've learnt so much and Archie and myself has loved attending every week . We look forward to the next course 

Katherine Bainbridge

Exceeded our expectations in every way. ..expertise beyond question as others have said...but we'd like to add how friendly , informal, non-judgemental and enjoyable for dog and owner we found our session. Highly recommended by us both for anyone who has doubts about trying this type of service. Many thanks Lynsey 

Kevin Dusting


Lynsey is breath of fresh air and aided me and Dennis to work together and for him to feel more comfortable when out walking meeting other dogs, while on and off the lead and for me not to be anxious. 

Karen Allison 2019

Thank you for a fantastic 1 to 1 session on recall for my 5 year old Springer Spaniel and myself. Lindsay took time to listen to my concerns, assess my boys recall and then gave some great advice with time, to practice that advice. I left with confidence that I have better understanding of how to achieve better recall. I look forward to the Scent workshop

Jane Wood

Great class and very understanding of each dogs needs. Thank you! Bhalu had a great time! See you at silver.

Rebecca Langdon

Thank you so much for your help with our rescue beagle. We have taken on everything that you adviced and he is now sleeping out of his crate and stopped barking at night. We are well on the way to walking off lead. All this from only two sessions and great advice, you really know your stuff. Would 100% recommend you.

Craig Hudson

Oct 2017

We contacted Sensible Dogs for help to socialise our rescue greyhound as he became anxious meeting other breeds of dogs especially ones that ran up to him.With Lynsey's expertise our greyhound has met dogs of all shapes, sizes and temperaments and he has been learning his manners and how to enjoy other dogs company as well as improving his obedience.  We would thoroughly recommend Sensible Dogs to other dog owners for their time, patience and understanding and skills in training dogs.

Alistair and Tracy with greyhound Henry 2019


Service really friendly and supportive. Helped us pass our bronze and for me a 1st time dog owner it's been a great experience

Johathan Leslie 2018 

I Took my rescue dog for his bronze award with lynsey with no intention of him passing and just wanting some socialisation for him, but due to Lynsey's patience and vast knowledge of dogs, we passed! I'm also new to working with my dogs myself and out of the many phone calls I made to gain knowledge, lynsey was the only one to reply, proving she is in this work for all the right reasons, her love of dogs!! Her experience, knowledge and natural way with dogs has been invaluable!

Rebecca Hanlon

Januay 2018

Lynsey and her service are both fantastic. She has worked wonders with our mischievous beagle. For me her genuine love for the animals and their wellbeing is the most important and outstanding quality. Lynsey has always gone the extra mile and offered any advice when we have needed it. Couldn't recommend highly enough. Thank you!

James Vicary-Ward

November 2017 

Bella is our second Bull Terrier. Bella has a number of issues, she is a reactive dog especially with certain breeds, she can be differcult around food and she is quite an anxious dog in stressful situations.

With Lynsey`s help, guidance and all round dog intution we have been able to manage Bella with a number of techniques and training regimes, Bella is now more relaxed and calm and with Lynsey`s help we have been empowered to be able to help Bella and make her happy and relaxed when out and about.

We are committed to continue to work with Lynsey to help develope Bella futher. Working with Lynsey has taught us that it is nerver too late to teach a Bull Terrier new tricks.

We would highly recommend Lynsey to anyone, especially to anyone struggling with a dog that may have some issues, this process has taught us that with the right person by your side you can make a difference to a dog`s life and that empowerment is all thanks to Lynsey..

Peter Creber 2019

We passed our Gold Assessment and we could never have done it without the help of Lynsey!! We've done all three awards through Sensible Dogs. We previously started the bronze course elsewhere and were told that our dog either wasn't ready or would always be too distracted to pass. But we could tell that Sensible Dogs was different. They came up with so many suggestions for keeping Loki occupied during the sessions and facilitated our practice for the Gold fully alongside a busy bronze class, giving us separate space to practice and plenty of advice. It is clear that they can tailor their approach to the dog they see in front of them. We have really enjoyed ourselves progressing through the courses and would definitely recommend Sensible Dogs!

Heather and Loki Beastall 2018

We are really pleased with the help given with Molly our Staffie, as she was fearful of other dogs. Lynsey has given us the confidence to have Molly off lead and has given us good strategies when conflict occurs. Molly is now off lead with her puppy friend Billy and learning to be a happy social dog!  

Sophie Weaver

Sept 2017