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About Lynsey & Sensible Dogs


I started working with dogs at the young age of 13 yrs old (now 43!), cycling the two miles to the newly opened Animals in Distress to volunteer.

When I left school I worked within a local kennels for a number of years, before setting up Sensible Dogs. I have  worked closely with a number of rescue centres, (Many Tears Animal Rescue, British Dalmation Welfare), to foster, rehab and re-home as many dogs as I could. So far I have fostered, rehabilitated and rehomed 350 dogs. 

I have owned many rescue dogs and at present I have 8 dogs, all of which are rescues and often help on our training sessions, to setup a real life situation and to help other dogs repair trauma. 

Odie and I were lucky enough to be chosen out of thousands after our auditions for Superstar Dogs and we  made it to the finals. 


  • NVQ 3 Animal Welfare
  • Diploma (dist) Changing Dog Behaviour
  • Working Towards ISCP Diploma
  • Working Towards KCAI Accreditation

Member of

  • Guild of Dog Trainers (MGoDT)
  • The Registration Council for Dog Trainers and Behaviour Practitioners (RCDTBP)

Sensible Dogs Family Members

Over the years I have owned a variety of different energy dogs and different breeds. Below are my  best friends who play an important part in helping me run my business. They help me to setup real life scenarios on my behaviourals, help build confidence with nervous dogs, teach manners to over excited dogs and they take me on the most beautiful walks.


Ottie is a Golden Retreiver puppy. We got her from a working home. She is 100 miles an hour and often runs into objects!.

She Loves being busy and adores Chester.


Shep is a Collie X Lurcher. We rehomed him at 5months old. He suffers with nervous agression due to poor breeding. Most people we work with can`t believe he suffers with nervousness because he feels safe at work with me. He loves swimming, catching a frisbee mid air, often overtaking it!


Rudi is a Saluki x. We rehomed him from a local kennels when he was 8 months old.

He loves his home comforts after racing around the forest.


Odie was a Working Cocker Spaniel. 

He was the only one of the clan we actually bought as a puppy. He loved swimming, ball catching and keeping the gang in check. Odie has crossed over the rainbow bridge in April 2023 after a long and happy life with us.


Echo is a Working X Show Cocker Spainel. He was given to me when he was 4 months old. He is one crazy dog also the cheekiest one in our group. He is full of energy, every minute of the day!! He is learning how to be a gun dog.


Chester is a Golden Retreiver who has just turned 1. We got him from a working farm He has been extremely poorly and has been under the care of Langford vets in Bristol. Him and Ottie are completely in love with each other.


Willow is a Husky x Collie that came from Romania as a puppy. She lives her life to the max every day and will try anything at least once!


We adopted Quirky, the labrador, from Many Tears Amimal Rescue at 8 month Old. He had a broken nose and fractured skull due to the result of a puppy farm but it never let it bother him. We lost him to Cancer at 13yrs old in March 2022 and is missed dearly.


Forest is a Cocker Spainel but he is huge!  We took him on at 5 months old. He is full of energy at all times during the day, loves a squeaky ball, swimming, playing with our cats, his food, our food and your food! 


Kizzy is a Collie cross stray adopted from Many Tears Rescue. She is a almost 17yrs and has started to slow down a little. She loves her cuddles, swimming, frisbee, balls and food.


My dearest Bruno we were given from a client when he was 3yrs old. He loved everyone and all animals. He loved licking them all. We lost him to cancer August 2022 and is missed dearly.